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Jacob Amtorp


Jacob Amtorp was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1963.  He grew up in the wake of the Scandinavian golden age of design surrounded by beautiful modernistic furniture and designer  items.
His passion for design and craftsmanship started at that time, and lead him to the Danish Design Academy in 1985.
After graduating in 1989, he completed 4 years of studies at the Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen. For a couple of decades he left the product design subject and went on to work as an architect in studios in Denmark and Norway. However his passion for design never left him and he founded his studio “Amtorp Design” in 2014.

His approach to design is closely related to his experience from working in larger scale, designing

houses and spaces for people.

The renowned scandinavian design tradition, along with the functionalistic movement of the early 20th. century, has been, still is a great source of inspiration. 

His fascination with the natural world, geometry / mathematics and the common set between the two, is an ever present cornerstone in the designprocess from early sketch to technical design. 



Desıgner Team

As Loca Design Furniture, we have been serving our customers with specially designed chairs and tables since our establishment. Loca branded all product designs are products designed for special places that have been formed over the years.
The company has its own special design team. This team brings together the most creative and unique products, following customer experiences and trends. Especially in places such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels, these unique products are very important, so the Lodge has created a unique product reservoir over the years.
Furniture products and space designs are designed with Loca.

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